Q-vex Impact Resistant Spectacle Lenses

Super Hydrophobic Integral
Anti-reflection Coating
maximum resistance to
breakage and cracking
Excellent protection against UV rays

Safe vision quality is under
guarantee with Q-vex

It can be used safely in every part of life and in every age group. Thanks to its special material, it has high vision quality as well as its outstanding resistance to breakage. It is ideal for children's glasses, sporty lifestyle and facet frames. Also, provides full protection against harmful UV rays.

Density 1,25 g/cm³

25% Lighter compared to high index Organics, 16% Lighter compared to normal index Organics and 8% Lighter compared to Polycarbonates

Special Material

has high resistance to breakage and cracking.

Abbe 46
Higher Visual Clarity

Due to its high abbe value (υe:46) presents sharper and clearer vision compare to polycarbonate and high index organics.

1.57 index
Thin and Aesthetic

Q-vex, having 1.57 refractive index, is thinner upto 40% compared to 1.5 index organic lenses
Index 1.57
Abbe 46
Density 1.25 g/cm³
UV Cut 400 nm
RX Range ±4,00 / -2,00