How fast is your child’s
Myopia progression?

Myopi–X is the first lens design produced using artificial intelligence, designed by NOVAX to control the progression of myopia. The Myopi–X design consists of rings with decreasing Myopic value towards the peripheral area. The key element is to reduce the progression of myopia by inhibiting the elongation of the eyeball, thanks to the hyperopic shift in the peripheral area.Myopi–X aims to focus the hyperopic visual field in the peripheral area so that the light reaches the retina directly, it also takes into account the rotation of the eye. In this way, the elongation of the eye is prevented.

With Standard Single Vision Lenses

With Myopi – X Lenses

  • 1 While Myopi-X ensures that the image is focused on the retina for a optimum vision, it contributes to the reduction of the rate of increase in myopia by slowing the elongation of the eyeball, thanks to the myopia rings in the design.
  • 2 Myopi-X lens is specially designed for children to manage the hyperopic defocus in the periphery area of the eyeball to reduce the progression of Myopia.

For a high performance of Myopi-X lenses, we recommend to put your order of lenses with the age range, myopi progression range of the patients.






In cases where the eyeball grows rapidly, is too long, or if the cornea is too thick and curved, the image is focused in front of the retina rather than on it.

In myopic eyes, the image falls in front of the retina, not on the retina.
*A.I.T. Artificial – Intelligence – Technology is NOVAX unique design technology


Since children are more active than adults, high-resistance materials against impacts are recommended for glasses to be used to provide extra protection.

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Light and Thin

Make sure your children spend at least 2 hours outdoors a day.

Reduce your children's digital device usage time and minimize near task activities.

Suitable lighting, recommended working distance and ergonomic body / head posture are factors to be considered in your children's near task activities.

Get regular eye exams for early detection and treatment of myopia or other refractive errors.