Pixar Contrast Drive Coatings

Super Hydrophobic Integral
Anti-reflection Coating
super hydrophobic integral anti reflection coating
maximum contrast
minimum reflection
safe driving
Light beams & reflections happen due to head lights of vehicles coming from both directions and road lights especially during night driving. These reflections cause contrast loss during driving.

PixAR CONTRASTDRIVE controls glares and reflections due to its specially designed coating technology;
Minimizes the contrast loss and provides clear view
Ensures safer driving by perceiving objects better
Minimizes dazzling and feeling of tiredness related to brightness of strong light

NOVAX lenses that has PixAR CONTRASTDRIVE coating due to its sophisticated coating technology provides not only during night time but all day long safe driving and guarantees comfortable vision.

“Secure Night Driving“

Complete protection under all conditions! All benefits presented by PixAR coating technology are valid for PixAR CONTRASTDRIVE