FL-41 Anti-Migraine Therapeutic Filter

It is possible to prevent migraine headaches!

The most important symptom of migraine is photophobia (light sensitivity). People with photophobia are adversely affected by sunlight, bright surfaces such as the road; and by the reflections such as water, snow, sand and artificial light sources. In clinical studies, it has been determined that exposure to bright lighting such as fluorescent, LED and screens such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs are the causes migraine of attacks and headaches. It has been observed that working in these light conditions for a long time triggers migraines, especially in children, and increases headaches, the cause of which is not fully understood.

The FL 41 Anti-Migraine filter was first described 30 years ago in a research project conducted in Birmingham, England. Neuroophthalmologist researchers have diagnosed that children suffering from migraine headaches have reduced light sensitivity after FL 41 filtering and reduced migraine attacks and frequency.

The FL 41 Anti-Migraine filter is effective in reducing all these symptoms.

A relief in 87%of users has
been observed.

Reduces the
frequency of
headaches by 65%.

Reduces light
sensitivity by38%.

Reduces the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

It has been determined by randomized experiments that the FL-41 filter provides indication against the indicated symptoms by filtering the blue-green light region between 450 - 550 nm in the light spectrum.