Wizard EON, absorbs 100% of harmful UV rays at 420 nm, preventing them from reaching the eye. At the same time, due to its special material, it filters the harmful wavelength of blue light and provides additional protection.
1.58 Super Middle Index provides exceptional solutions for rimless frames and is ideal for common myopic and hyperopic prescriptions. Its uniqueness provides similiar cosmetic results to that of 1.61 index lenses.
Photochromic Gray and Brown lenses provide fast color change from indoor to outdoors and back. Available in 1.50, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.74 indexes. Also gray is available in 1.53 Trivex and 1.59 polycarbonate.

An enhanced version of Transitions lenses. photochromic organic that Provides extra visual comfort darkening at any temperature.
Polarized photochromic lenses that provide the comfort of Transitions and polarization for various light conditions
1.53 refractive index material is resistant to breakage similiar to that of polycarbonate. Trivex high abbe value 45 provides more exceptional crisp vision and is the lightest lens material available.
Polarized glass. the most harmful rays are the rays coming from the metal reflections. Polarized lenses absorb these rays so they offer high quality of vision in many areas such as driving, water sports, winter sports, golf tennis and more. Polarized lenses eliminates reflections so it it increases the contrast for the wearer. Pixar coating is recommended and complements the result when applied on the inner surface .