Pixar Aqua Coatings

Super Hydrophobic Integral
Anti-reflection Coating
super hydrophobic integral anti reflection coating
More transparent view
with aesthetics in mind
PixAR AQUA has the benefit of colourless and transparent coating;
It is not desirable for many end users when a frame is picked that mismatches with the usual green colour of AR coating of the lens
Minimizes the distraction caused by colour reflection on the surface of the lens during interaction of people face to face
Prevents the discomfort of colour reflection that may cause by light coming from different angles and inner surface of the lens
Eyes become more visible by eliminating the colour reflection especially during photo/video shoots.
Guarantees comfortable vision as it carries all properties of PixAR coating such as anti-scratch, prevents reflections and water repellent superhydrophobic specification.

“Crystal Clear As Water“

Complete protection under all conditions!All benefits presented by PixAR coating technology are valid for PixAR AQUA