Double protection
against harmful blue light

Super hydrophobic integral anti – reflection coating

Blockage + PixarBluv protects your eyes from artificial harmful blue light and UV rays.

Blue light is a light very close to ultraviolet light. However, ultraviolet light is an invisible light while blue light is a visible light. Because the frequency of blue light is close to UV, it contains high energy and is hardly filtered as it passes through the eye and reaches the retina. Not only from the sun's rays, but also from devices emitting electromagnetic radiation such as computers, tablets, phones, TVs, led, xenon, fluorescent and energy saving bulbs, etc. It filters the harmful blue light wavelength reaching the eye from artificial light sources with its absorb + reflect function. The wavelength of the most harmful part of blue light is around 420 nanometers. Blue light in the range of 400 nanometers and 440 nanometers is known to cause retinal damage and macula degeneration in the human eye, just like ultraviolet light.

Blockage +Pixar Bluv is the lens that provides the strongest protection against these problems that are frequently exposed in daily life.