see life more clearly
and confidently!
It carries all the favourable features of polycarbonate and organic materials. It can be safely used by every age group and in every condition of life.
Due to its special design It has extraordinary resistance to shattering as well as high quality vision.
It is ideal for kids eyeglasses, sport enthusiasts and facet frame users.
Full protection of harmful UV rays
High resistance to chemicals, deodorants, acetone, sprays and etc
High resistance to brakage, cracking and heat.


High resistance to brakage, cracking and heat.


Because of high abbe value (ue:45) more sharp and clear vision
than polycarbonate and high index organics.


Lighter %8 than policarbonate , %16 than normal index
organics, %25 than high index organics.

Holds all of positive properties of polycarbonate and CR-39 organic material.
Due to its high reliability against break,it is ideal for rimless and sport spectacles.
Index ne 1.53
Abbe υe 45
Density ρ 1.11 g/cm³
UV Cut 385 nm