Super Hydrophobic Integral
Anti-reflection Coating
maximum resistance to
breakage and cracking
Excellent protection against UV rays

Safe vision quality is under
guarantee with Q-vex

Density 1,25 g/cm³

25% Lighter compared to high index Organics, 16% Lighter compared to normal index Organics and 8% Lighter compared to Polycarbonates

Special Material

has high resistance to breakage and cracking.

Abbe 46
Higher Visual Clarity

Due to its high abbe value (υe:46) presents sharper and clearer vision compare to polycarbonate and high index organics.

1.57 index
Thin and Aesthetic

Q-vex, having 1.57 refractive index, is thinner upto 40% compared to 1.5 index organic lenses
Index ne 1.57
Abbe 46
Density 1.25 g/cm³
UV Cut 400 nm
RX Range ±4,00 / -2,00